Elsevier Training finds the secret of better ICT

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CASE STUDY: Belgium-based Elsevier Training specialises in training products and services in the field of Internet, communications and technology (ICT), and has established itself as a European market leader. Recently, it added Support.com’s support infrastructure software to improve service and reduce costs in its PC Home offering.

Elsevier Training’s PC Home project is an innovative way for corporations to enhance the ICT training for its employees. Winfried Mortelmans, Marketing Manager International at Elsevier Training explained: “Through a PC Home Project, employees within medium and large enterprises are offered a chance by their employers to buy a home PC at a competitive price. Furthermore, they are supported for three years with software training and technical assistance.”

Elsevier Training offers an integrated approach, constantly adapting its supporting activities to the client’s real needs and to the latest technology available. The advantages of implementing a PC Home Project are real:
• the cost of traditional training dramatically diminishes
• the pressure on internal ICT departments fades
• internal communication becomes cheaper and more efficient.
PC Home Projects receive Elsevier Training’s full logistical and organisational cover:
• hardware and software consulting
• fiscal support
• training and the Learning Web (a specific educational programme)
• reporting and project management
• help desk support.

Support is essential to any PC home project. Elsevier Training outsources support to IP Globalnet, a total eContact solution provider offering services through the use of contact centres, amongst other channels. IP Globalnet acts as the primary support centre for Elsevier’s PC Home Projects and provides the tools to guarantee impeccable services. One of these is the eSupport software from Support.com, which is distributed in Europe through IP Globalnet channels. This software protects all applications and personal configurations (such as printer, browser, network and personal set ups) on the PC platform.

With this software solution the end users can solve problems themselves, autonomously, or can request help from the IP Globalnet call centre and receive answers much more quickly than before. The solution is completed by training modules, which offer feedback about what eventually went wrong.

Koen Helsen, IP Globalnet’s marketing and communications manager, added: “The better the support you can offer, the higher the degree of satisfaction with end users. When a user encounters a problem with a PC-application, Support.com allows for restoring the application back to the point where it was still functioning. The software uses a step-by-step approach to the point where things went wrong, and then defines the right solution to the problem.

“Whenever a user needs further assistance from the helpdesk, the support team is able to come up with a much faster answer, because they have the tools to diagnose the problem, quickly find the answer and automate the resolution on the PC concerned,” said Helsen.

Support.com offers a clear added value to PC Home Projects. Winfried Mortelmans concluded: “Users not only have noticeably fewer problems, but also have enhanced knowledge of their PC, which in turn considerably reduces the number of helpdesk calls. This means more end-user satisfaction and cost efficiency for the support organisation. Any call still triggering an intervention by IP Globalnet is optimized and the user has a transparent point of access in all cases. Elsevier Training’s objectives are clear: reduction of the number of calls by 30% and of the length of calls by 70%.”

The software protected by Support.com is typically office and communications applications, but depends upon the scope of the PC Home Project. Custom applications can also be protected if required.

The system was implemented by Support.com’s partner IP Globalnet. Elsevier Training has subsidiaries in several European countries and has just opened up in the UK, with plans to expand into Spain and Italy later this year.

Elsevier Training NV headquarters are in Leuvensesteenweg, Zaventem, Belgium.

IP Globalnet headquarters are in Lozenberg, Zaventem, Belgium.

Support.com EMEA headquarters are in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK.

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