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Email marketing still favourite source of promo info for customers

6th Jul 2010
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Although just over three-quarters of consumers start searching for deals and promotions on brands’ websites, about three out of five subsequently subscribe to email correspondence as their favourite means of keeping abreast.

A further 54% use search engines to look for ongoing deals, 17% employ social networking site Facebook and a mere 3% use micro-blogging site, Twitter. These are the findings of a report entitled the ‘Email X Factor’ published by email marketing software provider ExactTarget.

The survey also revealed that women are more likely to sign up for promotional emails than men (67% and 57% respectively), but 81% of people that went down this route had subscribed following some form of promotional activity.

Both genders still preferred to make customer service complaints using more traditional channels such as the phone (41%), company web sites (33%) and email (20%) rather than publicly air grievances via social media, however.

Interestingly, the research also revealed that the average marketer receives two to three times more emails than the average consumer, who gets about 44 per day. Of those 44, about 25% are permission-based commercial messages, with the remaining three quarters comprising personal correspondence, transactional messages and spam.

Chip House, ExactTarget’s senior director of industry and relationship marketing, said: "With as much as 20% of all email blocked as spam by internet service providers, marketers must move quickly to make subscriber permission the foundation of their online marketing. Consumers are increasingly cautious online, really dislike unsolicited email and expect marketers to either deliver compelling content or face being ignored or reported as spam."

But the study also found that, while just under half of consumers ‘always’ open emails from their ‘favourite’ companies, some 16% never do so. 

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