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Email marketing volume soars 51% in three years

17th Jan 2012
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An increase in flash and daily deal promotions contributed to a 16% rise in email marketing volumes from top retailers in the last year to an all time high.

A study by Responsys, a provider of email and cross-channel marketing software, has found that since 2008, the average number of promotional email campaigns sent by the top retailers to each of their subscribers has risen 51%.
Same-day reminder campaigns for large promotions, also contributed to the rise in email marketing volume, the company says.
"Retailers sent each of their subscribers 177 promotional email campaigns on average last year, up 16% from 2010," said Chad White, Research Director at Responsys, who tracks the email marketing activity of more than 100 of the top retailers on the Retail Email Blog.
Retailers sent their subscribers nearly 15 email campaigns a month on average, with December witnessing the highest number of email marketing campaigns at nearly 22. In contrast, February was the slowest month at just over 12 email campaigns.
"Email marketing continues to become more critical to holiday sales, with the average number of email campaigns sent to a recipient during November and December growing at 20% year-over-year, outpacing annual growth," White added.
And for the second year in a row, Friday was the busiest email marketing day of the week in 2011, with 55% of retailers sending at least one email on average on that day. Saturday continues to be the slowest email marketing day of the week, with just 28% sending on that day.
While Friday is the most popular day for retailers to send email campaigns, its popularity is driven more by the announcement of weekend promotions than by increased response rates, the company says.

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17th Jan 2012 12:16

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By arynjosh
24th Sep 2012 15:50

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By micuki
27th Jan 2018 10:48

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