End user demand for open architecture test equipment

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With increasing need for open architectures and multifunction capability during a time of test equipment cost reduction, VMEbus extensions for instrumentation (VXI) and PCI extensions for instrumentation (PXI) platforms are expected benefit significantly.

A new report* from Frost & Sullivan reveals that total VXI test equipment market revenues reached $266.8 million in 2000. PXI test equipment revenues equaled $34.6 million in 2000. Strong growth is anticipated for both markets through 2008.

Despite the promise for these open architecture technologies, suppliers will still need to contend with customers who are slow to adopt new technologies.

"A significant installed base of general purpose interface bus (GPIB) test equipment exists around the world," said Frost & Sullivan analyst Bal Ganjoo. "The GPIB market has not shrunk. In fact, it is still growing."

The introduction of VXI and PXI technologies was developed to better meet the need for portable, quicker, and more cost-effective test solutions. While these open architecture products provide important advances, many users are reluctant to give up traditional equipment for newer technologies.

The relatively high prices of VXI products could continue to restrain their adoption. Lower-priced PXI products, on the other hand, are better positioned to win customers in their markets.

"The VXI Consortium can play an important role in overcoming the challenges and restraints that VXI test and measurement instruments face today," said Ganjoo.

This non-profit organization comprises the leading companies in the test and measurement industry. By promoting the VXIbus in commercial test and measurement circles, the Consortium could greatly accelerate adoption of VXI-based equipment.

Frost & Sullivan presents the 2001 Marketing Engineering Awards to companies that have made a positive contribution to the VXI and PXI test and measurement industry. Market-specific awards for VXI equipment are presented to: Agilent Technologies, ASCOR (a Gigatronics Company), Racal Instruments, and VXI Technology. For PXI equipment, awards are presented to Geotest Marvin Test Systems, National Instruments, Corp. and Pickering Interfaces.

* World VXI and PXI Test and Measurement Equipment Markets
Report: A084

Test & Measurement Equipment Markets Report

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