Epicor and TDC Solutions announce eBusiness alliance

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Epicor Software and TDC Solutions have announced a strategic alliance whereby Epicor will private label TDC-Lincs CS (Core Suite) and TDC-Lincs WMS (Warehouse Management and Fulfillment System) under the brand names ‘Epicor eWarehouse Data Collection’ and ‘Epicor eWarehouse Management and Fulfillment’.

As part of its strategy to provide midmarket companies with a single source solution, Epicor will deliver the Epicor eWarehouse suites with its existing suite of applications. The ‘e by Epicor’ suite of products includes Epicor eCommerce, Epicor eBackOffice, Epicor eFrontOffice, Epicor ePortal, Epicor eIntelligence and Epicor eIndustry, all of which are designed to enable companies to deploy eBusiness applications as an integral part of their overall enterprise infrastructures.

A key component of the Epicor eBackOffice suite is Epicor eDistribution, which enables companies to manage their distribution operations, including purchasing, quality control, inventory and order entry.

“With over 40 joint customers, the decision to offer the Epicor eWarehouse products was a natural evolution in our relationship with TDC,” said John Hiraoka, senior vice president of marketing for Epicor.

Epicor eWarehouse Data Collection is a modular product that includes bar coding capability for inventory, distribution and manufacturing data collection.

Epicor eWarehouse Data Collection offers integration of data collection devices and bar code printing that is intrinsic to the application set.

Epicor eWarehouse Management and Fulfillment is an integrated warehousing and fulfilment center software package that provides consigned warehousing, standard warehouse operational control and fulfilment center processing.

“Because they have a solid client base and recognize the importance of delivering a fully integrated solution to the midmarket, Epicor is an ideal partner for our solutions” said Rodney Winger, CEO of TDC Solutions. “With Epicor as a partner, we’re able to increase the distribution of TDC-Lincs CS and TDC-Lincs WMS so that more businesses can experience the strategic benefits of our data collection and warehouse management solutions.”

Cyberswap, an internet-based business-to-business wholesale exchange company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a joint customer of Epicor and TDC. The company connects manufacturers with retailers and e-tailers and provides logistics and fulfilment services.

“Cyberswap was impressed with the out-of-the-box data and process integration between TDC’s data collection, management and fulfilment capabilities and the Epicor eBackOffice solutions. In fact, we did not make any modifications to either package before implementation,” said Doug Worley, CIO of Cyberswap.

“The combined TDC and Epicor systems implementation was the easiest that I have experienced. We believe that the relationship between Epicor and TDC Solutions will continue to generate new innovations in data management and fulfilment solutions that will benefit Cyberswap,” concluded Worley.

English versions of Epicor eWarehouse Data Collection and Epicor eWarehouse Management and Fulfillment are available now worldwide.

TDC Solutions, a privately held company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a provider of Automated Data Collection and Warehouse Management and Fulfillment Systems. The company’s primary focus is in inventory control, distribution and warehousing through the application of automation technologies. Services include system design consulting, software development, data collection hardware, networking, system integration and support.

Founded in 1984, Epicor is ranked among the industry’s ten largest enterprise business solutions providers by industry analysts, with more than 30,000 customers worldwide. Epicor is headquartered in Irvine, California.



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