Expectations rise, as people demand more of trading exchanges

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People questioned on the value of trading exchanges agree that sharing information and streamlining operations are most important, while auctions and industry news are down the line.

Mid-tier companies have the highest expectations of an exchange’s ability to improve the business process, while smaller companies see exchanges as a way to improve their reach into the marketplace and reduce costs.

Users are optimistic about trading exchanges and often deny warnings – only 16% of participants saw security as a problem, and just 12% saw the loss of face-to-face relationships a potential risk.

“As our data shows, trading exchanges are being redefined by requirements – the highest value being placed on relationship enhancements,” said John Fontanella, service director at B2B Marketplaces.

“With the explosive growth of private exchanges, it is clear that the top corporate priority is streamlining operations – but don’t count other models out. Companies will soon be taking advantage of the opportunities offered by independent trading exchanges,” said Fontanella.

The most desired attributes from an exchange were:
• product search
• order status and tracking
• product catalog
• vendor searchers
• supplier / buyer integration

The least desired attributes were:
• auction
• collaborative product design
• job and industry news
• general news service
• negotiation

AMR Research conducted interviews in the United States during September with 250 companies with 1,000 to 10,000 employees.

The company maintains research and analysis on 2000 software, technology infrastructure and service providers to help companies evaluate and manage new systems.

AMR Research


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