Extensity tries to boost ROI for ERM customers

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Extensity has come out with a bundle of tools and services to try and boost the return on investment for customers buying version 6 of its employee relationship management (ERM) applications.

The aim of Extensity Advantage is to enable customers to work out where they might be able to generate the largest cost savings before, during and after implementation and where they might see the biggest business benefits.

The services include a pre-sales profit improvement analysis service, best practice implementation services, and benchmarking and analytics to evaluate the performance of the system once installed.

Extensity 6, meanwhile, has just gone into general release. It includes enhanced analytics capabilities, enabling customers to generate reports using their own tools and those of Business Objects, which have now been embedded into the offering.

The system also incorporates a dashboard to enable users to view time-sensitive data and documents such as time-sheets or outstanding credit card charges in real-time, and cheque request management software to handle vendor payments that are not linked with existing purchase orders.

Extensity 6 likewise supports Sun Microsystems’ J2EE Java server standard and Java Web Start, which enables customers to access, update and launch applications as easily as if they were accessing a web page.


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