Fastest growing software application ever tracked
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The Internet measurement worldwide company Media Metrix reports that the Napster application has climbed to 4.9 million home users in July – a 345 percent increase from 1.1 million in February.

Napster, which enables users to participate in the controversial music file-sharing service, now ranks as the 43rd most-popular home application, representing over six percent of all US home PC users with a modem.

The application also grew significantly in the workplace. Napster more than doubled from 417,000 users in May, the first month of reportable traffic at work, to nearly 887,000 US users in July.

The key to Napster’s success is that its users represent the full spectrum of PC users, not just the youth with time on their hands and a passion for music,” said Bruce Ryon, senior vice president of the Media Metrix new media group. “While Napster has not yet gained widespread popularity similar to other music-related applications such as multimedia players, it is proving to be a seminal application capable of rapid growth and influence on the sharing and distribution of music files.”

Media Metrix


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