Five Real Case Studies: Measuring customer loyalty in the eBusiness Era
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This fascinating report by analyst Rasika Versleijen-Pradhan is based on a series of real-life case studies across Europe. It is designed to support the strategic decisions eCRM service providers are making so that they can not merely compete, but lead in this dynamic market.

CRM initiatives can only be measured when organizations can quantify the changes that have enabled them to renew customers, or allowed them to identify areas in their service and support processes that help them gain a competitive advantage.

Many organizations have more initiatives than they have resources to implement them, and each finds its own way of dealing with the problem.

This fascinating report examines how companies across Europe are:
• measuring the success of CRM projects
• adapting to organizational and cultural changes
• positioning their businesses to address the growing ebusiness opportunity.

The companies participating are:
• Robeco Private Banking
• A German Bank (Anonymous)
• Murphy’s Brewery Ireland
• Philip Morris
• Global One

CRM solutions are becoming recognized as important tools for retaining customers and attracting new clients. This new technology has been designed to enhance an organization's ability to interact, attract and build one-to-one relationships with its customers.

IDC examines the actual cases and identifies the concerns companies are facing in deploying a CRM initiative.


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