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The Ford Dealer Council, with 4,200 members across the US, has launched a website so that customers can buy Ford cars and trucks online. With, customers can select, price, finance and schedule the delivery of a new car within minutes – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The transaction will be completed by a local Ford dealer, who can provide support during and after the sale. Trilogy Software of Austin, Texas, will provide the technology to create the new e-commerce platform.

“This is an unprecedented partnership between an automotive dealer body and a manufacturer,” said Jerry Reynolds, chairman of the Ford Dealer Council. “We are breaking through the channel conflict that is sometimes caused by the Internet and giving our customers a great new experience.”

“Consumers have sent a clear message. Now, we have responded. FordDirect will bring superior geographic coverage, accurate information, and the broadest range of services directly to consumers at the point-of-sale,” added Reynolds.

“This is a breakthrough,” said Jim O’Connor, Ford Motor Company vice president. “Earlier this year, our dealers came to us with a proposal to join forces to build the biggest and best online direct purchase website. FordDirect is a cooperative effort between us and our dealers, but the real winners are our customers. They can now buy a new car or truck online with peace of mind, knowing that the experience is backed by Ford and our dealer partners.”

Ford Motor Company will be an investor, but Ford Division dealers will retain control of the new entity. FordDirect is expected to be operational in September in California and will expand across the US next year.




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28th Sep 2016 02:22

These days, people want things fast and faster! Making sure that your business is accessible by your customers is one thing to increase your sales figures, that's for sure! I do think that there'll still be a lot of people who will want to do things the tried and tested way though - doing their research and getting the best car financing figures for themselves.

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