FujiFilm France finds a friend

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Fujifilm, the imaging and information company, is setting up its customer-facing activities in France with Siebel e-business applications. Fujifilm France will create a single, multichannel customer information management system, so that sales, marketing and customer service teams can respond quickly.

Fujifilm France represents the French interests of the Japanese Fuji Photo Film Company, a Fortune Global 500 company. The product range spans professional and amateur photographic solutions – principally films and cameras, film development, photographic paper and chemicals, and support and information solutions including recordable media, medical imaging and pre-press systems.

Until recently, Fujifilm France sales reps relied on paper-based systems to manage sales and distribution of the complex, 8,000-line portfolio. Without a central repository for customer information, sales and service professionals were challenged to anticipate customers’ needs, and depended on frequent phone calls, faxes and e-mails. They could not understand customers’ purchases across product lines, or analyze sales patterns by product, account classification, region or customer. Decentralized record-keeping prevented marketing teams from profiling customers to develop targeted campaigns, or to take advantage of events and regional opportunities to increase sales leads.

Siebel eConsumer Goods is enabling Fujifilm France reps to capture and share vital customer data. Whether the last interaction was initiated by the customer or a rep, and regardless of the channel of communication – phone, fax, e-mail or in-person meeting – reps can review all interactions and anticipate needs.

“Siebel eConsumer Goods was easily configured and quickly deployed – and affords us the flexibility to add functionality when required,” said Dominique Maujard, IT director. “We’re pleased that Fujifilm France now has the means to identify product distribution opportunities, improve trade promotion effectiveness and deliver world class service through advances in productivity that, combined, will lead to greater customer satisfaction.”


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