Fujitsu releases new options for CRM
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Fujitsu Limited has released three new option packages to augment its basic CRM package software, BroadChannel/Connector, with new operator management functions. The new products are targeted at customers in Southeast Asia.

The three new packages, BroadChannel/Statistics, BroadChannel/CallBlending and BroadChannel/Distributor, are complementary to the existing BroadChannel/HADK to build flexible operator management systems. These make it simple and quick to add functions so that call-centre managers can quickly optimise the allocation of human resources depending on the call-centre’s current operating status, or have the system conduct searches spanning multiple servers to transfer calls to the most suitable operator group.

Additionally the BroadChannel/Connector software platform has been enhanced. New functions include the ability for call-centre managers to monitor or record the calls of selected operators, as well as the ability for operators to transfer calls to interactive voice response systems.

Over the next three years, Fujitsu and its group companies in South East Asia reckon they will sell 500 installations of BroadChannel/Connector and its optional components.


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