Gartner issues wake-up call to SAP rivals
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Gartner Group has issued a wake-up call to SAP’s competitors, warning that they need to rethink their approach now that the German company has begun to ship mySAP technology.

Gartner notes that while the mySAP products specifically target SAP customers, they are also likely to impact on vendors of application servers and integration brokers. Such companies have offered services to Web-enable SAP applications or to integrate them with other systems.

“SAP aims to win much of this market with mySAP Technology by using its established relationships with customers and their preferences for one-stop shopping,” warned Massimo Pazzini, vice president of Gartner Research, but he added that rivals should be able to ride out the threat initially due to the relative immaturity of the SAP technology.

Nonetheless there will be a clear threat and smaller companies will face longer sales cycles and need to emphasis their corporate viability rather than technical excellence. He named Iona Technologies, SeeBeyond, Tibco Software and WebMethods as likely to come under pressure.

Nor is it good news for the likes of Siebel or PeopleSoft. “Vendors of packaged applications will likely also face more pressure from SAP's infrastructure offerings and should introduce open standards and infrastructure services faster to counter SAP's claims of greater openness and ease of integration,” he said.


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