Greater choice for next generation telecoms market
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IBM has announced a new version of the Integrated Customer Management System (ICMS), its telecoms billing solution, coming on the market on 30 September.

The explosion of wireless communications and the increase of data, voice and video traffic have created a need for billing solutions that are quick to implement, flexible and scaleable. ICMS Version 5.1 offers a single view of customers across wireline, wireless, cable, Internet and data services.

“Pricing and packaging for individual needs across services are the real differentiators, rather than cost of service.” said Pete Janca of Global Solutions. “ICMS Version 5.1 features help companies maintain a competitive edge by responding to their customers’ requirements efficiently.”

The new version introduces tools that use graphical user interfaces to simplify pricing. Package Builder lets a business define discounts for customers who meet qualifying criteria, which helps get new products to market faster. The Customer Hierarchy Builder allows providers to define complex hierarchies for corporate customers, with discount and reporting options. Larger customers can be moved to the front of the billing cycle.

Version 5.1 also offers:
• wireless support for the North American market – It accommodates version 3 of the GSM TAP standard and data conversion support for Ciber protocol
• access via internet – Telco or cable operators can link to ICMS so their customers can get billing information and make payments
• second carrier support – billing service providers can now lease or rent network access
• fault management system now supports both Telephony and Cable TV services, identifying and resolving faults.



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