Healthcare industry goes mobile
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WHITE PAPER:by Niraj Jetly of Breakaway Solutions
Breakaway Solutions has released a healthcare white paper that provides wireless and mobile expertise, to educates industry on the ROI associated with mobile compliance.

“At this time when there are several new regulation and compliance concerns within the healthcare sector, it is imperative that organizations begin to take their mobile and wireless implementations seriously,” said Bill Loftus, president and CEO of Breakaway Solutions. “Healthcare organizations need to realize that the sooner they deploy mobile solutions, the sooner they will benefit from an increase in overall ROI while avoiding risks inherent with non-deployment.”

Based on Breakaway Solutions’ experience in wireless and mobile business for the healthcare sector, the company has defined several examples of ROI and benefits associated with mobility in the healthcare industry, as well as probable risks that may affect those organizations that choose not to implement mobile and wireless solutions.

Some risks that healthcare organizations need to be aware of in delaying deployment of mobile and wireless applications include:
• Medical errors – Basic flaws within organization processes (including communication delays) have resulted in an increase in medical errors.
• Finalization of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Regulations – The healthcare industry needs to prepare itself for the strict standards that are going to be put in place as a result of these new regulations. Organizations that are late in the implementation of wireless and mobile solutions will be at risk for non-compliance.

The key benefits of deployment of mobile and wireless solutions include:
• Labor savings and efficiencies – By implementing mobile and wireless solutions, a typical hospital can handle 48,000 more patients with the same number of physicians. Similarly, nurses can save 144 minutes per day, which ultimately affects the overall costs of services delivered to patients*.

• Instant billing efficiencies – Rapid billing is not possible in manual or paper-based environments, given the possibility of delayed charges, because of missing paper work or insurance information. Implementing a mobile solutions enables access to information in real-time.

• Lost charge capture improvements – Accurate billing requires accurate records of services being performed by physicians. If physicians attempt to record services delivered several hours after patient care was administered, it is often not accounted for. Mobility allows for immediate accountability.

“By combining our experience with wireless and mobile technology and our vertical expertise in healthcare, we are providing healthcare organizations with optimal insight and directions to help them run their operations more effectively, said Greg Verbosky, regional executive of Breakaway Solutions’ West Coast operations. “We have already helped many healthcare organizations to experience dramatic increase in ROI, and we look forward to continued success in this market.”

*For labor savings and efficiency statistics please refer to healthcare white paper.

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Healthcare White Paper

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