Hewlett Packard veteran goes to SLP / Gemplus

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Hewlett Packard veteran Hubert Cospain has joined SLP InfoWare / Gemplus as vice president in charge of customer-centric operations worldwide. Cospain will operate out of Paris, France.

Cospain will oversee operational relationships for customer centric solutions and the development of joint sales forces. Reporting to SLP InfoWare’s CEO Jean Schmitt, he will direct field operations in the telecoms market to maintain SLP InfoWare’s leadership position in predictive customer relationship management (P-CRM) software solutions.

“The addition of Hubert Cospain is instrumental in SLP’s position in the wireless market,” said Jean Schmitt, CEO of SLP InfoWare. “Under Hubert’s leadership, SLP will move forward to extend its P-CRM platform to Gemplus SIM cards, creating secure, privacy protected, real-time personalization for mobile devices.”

“My goal is to establish SLP and Gemplus as the leading force in P-CRM technology and mobile commerce infrastructure,” said Cospain. “I am very excited to be involved in the success of the cutting-edge predictive CRM applications which deliver business value to wireless operators, and security and personalization to their subscribers.”

At HP Cospain spent 24 years in international management positions, including serving as their general manager computer and solutions printing (EMEA) and general manager (France). Cospain led HP to its leading market share position in France, and presided over its integration with several high tech companies.

SLP InfoWare, a Gemplus company, is a world leader in predictive customer relationship management software for the telecommunications, electronic commerce and mobile electronic commerce sectors. The SLP InfoWare P-CRM platform enables marketing professionals to build precise customer behavior models and to use the analysis to automate targeted marketing operations, to retain customers and guide one-to-one marketing actions which personalize offers and product groups. SLP InfoWare software is used to predict the behavior of 30 million customers in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Based in Paris, SLP InfoWare also has offices in Boston, London, Frankfurt and Singapore.

Gemplus is the world’s leading smart card solutions provider. Since its creation in 1988, it has driven the global marketing and deployment of smart card-based applications for telecommunications, financial services and e-business security. Gemplus is instrumental throughout the value chain - chip design, card management systems, software development, and consulting - delivering integrated custom-made solutions for the security, personalization and privacy management of clients and partners worldwide.

Gemplus employs 7,800 people in 37 countries.

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