HSN goes shopping with Siebel

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Home Shopping Network (HSN) is to unite 3,000 call centre and telesales representatives through a single source of customer information. With Siebel Call Centre, HSN's telesales and customer service representatives will be able to see a complete view of each customer. This will allow representatives to see each customer's history and purchasing preferences in one location, regardless of the customer's preferred channel of communication.

"The nature of the electronic retailing and e-commerce interaction is changing," said Norman Wright, senior vice president of sales and service at HSN. "Early on, the focus was on speed, efficiency, and convenience, making it easy for customers to do business with HSN. In today's world, customers expect quick and easy access as a price of entry; it is no longer a means of differentiation. We believe the competitive edge in today's world is in managing segments of one: making each customer feel like they are unique. Enabling this customer care strategy requires a powerful eBusiness capability that brings together customer data, product information, and sales and marketing strategies to produce customised and highly effective customer interactions that build loyalty, and enhance sales."

"Our mission is to make it easy and convenient for people to purchase products from HSN. The combination of our traditional telephone sales plus the website has provided our customers with access to HSN anytime," said Sal Luongo, operating vice president of Order Management & Retail at HSN. "We have vast amounts of data and need an information system to help us capture, organise and share it to provide even higher levels of customer satisfaction."

Because HSN operates 24 hours, 364 days a year, its call centre application needs to handle consistently high call volumes, frequently managing up to 1,000 simultaneous customer calls.

HSN will use Siebel Marketing to analyse information to create email campaigns, provide special promotions, target customers, and measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.

"Siebel Marketing will be invaluable to our business," said Luongo. "With all of our customer information now at our fingertips, we can quickly determine how to reach individual customer segments and provide them with special offers on products most likely to interest them."


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