I am looking for anybody who is Corn indusrty in canada

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Hello everybody

I am working for one of the largest corn importer company in IRAN. The owner of this company just established a new company in Toronto. He is decided to transfer me to this company very soon.
What we want to do for first time is, we planned for forward purchasing over there.but since I am not familiar with Corn industy in Canada. and I don't know which places(provience) should I consider as a goal, I have couple of questions like
1. We will be in Canada in Jul, Is that late?
2. when is suitable time for forward purchasing?
3. Do I contact to farmer directly or do I make deal or contract to any specific assosiation which one is better why?
4. How do I make sure which grade I am buying?
5. Which insurrance is better for me or it 's better to say, Do I pay for insurrance or it's producer’s resposibility?
6. when usually the corp is ready?
7. If somebody come and say My land had such amount of crop last year How do I know that's true is there any document base on that?
8. which port has ship with 60,000 tonnes capacity?
9. what's routin after from start to deliver the crop in ship?
10. Is there any inspection company to certify storage condition?
11. Is anyone to anwser my questions?
This may happen to either hire you or even make bussiness on this deal?
By the way our qoal is 180,000 tonnes for this year.
please reply my questions to following address [email protected]
and let me know you more about yourself and experince in Corn industry



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