IBM business intelligence helps the California taxman
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The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is building its next-generation technology infrastructure on IBM hardware, software and services to improve tax collection and provide better customer service offerings on the Internet.

IBM technology enables the FTB to improve tax collection by generating business intelligence for its integrated non-filer compliance (INC) project.

The system is designed to generate business intelligence from more than 220 million pieces of individual tax forms to identify non-filers and help them become tax compliant.

In addition to improving its non-filer tax collection system, the FTB has expanded its self-service options to the Web. Based on IBM's DB2 database and WebSphere e-infrastructure software, the new web site enables taxpayers to obtain forms, arrnage time to file, obtain more information on filing requirements or tell the FTB they have already filed a return.

"IBM was the only company that provided the depth and breadth of expertise in systems integration and data warehousing, coupled with Java and web technologies, required to develop this break-through tax compliance application," said Kathleen Connell, controller and chair of the Franchise Tax Board.

"Our new e-business infrastructure has allowed us to dramatically increase the efficiency of the FTB and the fairness of our tax system by identifying more non-filers and streamlining contact with taxpayers."

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