IBM launches CIIS V2.2 for insurance
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IBM recently announced availability of  Version 2.2 of its operational client management system, (CIIS) for Insurance. The new version is expected to help make integration of e-business applications easier, further enhance the claims management process and speed up the prototyping of new applications.

CIIS is designed to provide a single customer view across multiple channels, offering insurance companies a practical way of consolidating active customer information from various sources into a single, enterprise-wide view. According to IBM, CIIS then makes this information available across all customer contact points and ready for later use in analysis and decision making. For instance, information that comes in on the website can be stored and later accessed from a central customer data base by a sales call center or servicing agent, who is prompted to offer additional products that would be of interest to that client.

Bryan Foss, CRM Solution Manager, IBM Global Insurance said, "CIIS Version 2.2, which can now run on NT, can help insurers refine their customer focus by further enhancing their ability to capture and make the most appropriate use of all customer related information. It will help insurers coordinate their sales and service activities across all customer contact channels and provide data to IBM's DecisionEdge Insurance to identify the best opportunities for cross-selling and new usiness."

Furthermore, a Java interface to CIIS, based on the JavaBeans™ component architecture has been defined. This interface accelerates and simplifies the development and prototyping of new CIIS e-business client solutions. "Our e-commerce/e-business strategy is to provide web-based sales and service capabilities our customers. We are also working on our IT infrastructure to get our back end administrative systems data to be central allowing for "once and done" entry. We're looking to CIIS version 2.2 to help us reduce development time and costs in addition to giving us the ability to consolidate and clarify our overall customer knowledge," said Arne Herenstein, Vice President, Reliance Information Technology, Reliance Insurance Company.

In CIIS version 2.2, the CIIS database server now includes primary claims data required to support a claims system operating through multiple channels, summaries of claims can now be recorded in the CIIS database server for a variety of uses. A new capability exists to rapidly add new customer or party attribute fields to the database server which are appropriate to achieving improved customer management.

CIIS will also become a standard component of IBM's Gold Insurance Application Architecture and can provide and receive data from IBM's DecisionEdge for Relationship Marketing, Insurance.

Late in December, Evoke Software Corp., the pioneer in Data Profiling technology, today announced a global reseller agreement with IBM. As part of the agreement, insurers will now be offered a low-risk data transfer solution for insurance businesses engaged in building Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.


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