IBM rolls out Rational new development tools
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IBM will roll out the first fruits of its acquisition of Rational Software today when it announces a raft of new products, including a new Java application development tool.

At the same time, it will also unveil its DB2 Information Integrator software for integrating and analysing unstructured data such as emails with traditional structured database information. The aim is to make it easy for users to find information no matter where it is held so that they do not have to undertake separate searches of different computer systems.

DB2 Information Integrator will also support the Xquery interface for querying XML-based data when the standard is ratified. It is based on a combination of Big Blue’s Xperanto federated data management initiative and Project Garlic for federating heterogeneous databases.

Meanwhile, Big Blue will re-brand its new Rational offerings to carry a joint IBM Rational moniker. These will include Rapid Developer, a rapid application development environment for building J2EE-based ntier packages. The product is aimed at organisations that do not have much Java expertise in-house and works with Rational’s modelling Rose and ClearCase modelling tools.

IBM is also unveiling XDE Tester, an automated tool for testing Websphere Studio 5.0 and Eclipse 2.0-based applications. The two offerings will ship by 30 June.

IBM announced it was acquiring Rational for $2.1 billion last December and the deal closed in February.

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