IBM’s seven steps to the wireless web
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IBM is to undertake major initiatives to make the wireless web ready for e-business, with Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Symbian. The initiatives include business partnerships and integrated products and services from IBM that will help both wireless providers and enterprises develop and deploy new mobile solutions for e-business.

In addition, IBM announced new customers working with the company to pioneer breakthrough mobile e-business applications and services. IBM is working with Nokia, Motorola and Cisco, three of the leading providers of infrastructure for wireless networks, to provide the foundation for new wireless data services for business.

IBM and Nokia intend to cooperate in enabling network operators, ISPs and ASPs to deliver wireless e-business services to their enterprise customers. The initiative will involve the mutual exchange and collaboration on key application-enabling technologies, such as Wireless Application Protocol via the Nokia Artus Messaging Platform, Nokia-developed location-based technologies, IBM servers, and voice recognition and transcoding technologies.

IBM and Motorola intend to create a 'voice and data engine' so businesses can easily develop and access wireless applications and services. For example, carriers could use the offering to allow businesses to give mobile workers real-time access to email, stock quotes, news and corporate resources via wireless devices. The companies plan to establish a joint solutions centre to create a flexible framework based on a combination of technologies from both companies. The initial framework will be available in the second half of this year.

Cisco is working with IBM to develop the next generation of wireless networks for both enterprises and service providers, jointly addressing the increasing demand for e-business solutions on the mobile Internet.

IBM also announced partnerships with Ericsson, Palm, Symbian and Intel to accelerate the development and deployment of solutions for mobile e-business on their industry-leading platforms.

IBM and Ericsson will work to create wireless applications for Ericsson's advanced communicator class devices. IBM will work with Palm as part of Palm's Global Alliance Program and will focus on deploying enterprise applications based on the Palm platform to IBM's customers. IBM Global Services' wireless experts will support this effort.

IBM and Symbian plan to open a joint development centre in Yamato, Japan, to work on integration of IBM's enterprise software with the Symbian platform to deliver connectivity to enterprise applications through wireless networks. IBM and Intel are working to further the development of wireless Internet technology. In a first step, IBM has provided services and hardware to Intel’s wireless centre.


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