If food be the music of love… eat on

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British holidaymakers are more interested in lunch than love, according to a new survey. Just 29% of British people go on holiday to find romance. They are more interested in finding ‘good food’ (91%) and ‘a nice hotel’ (87%) than finding the perfect partner.

The survey revealed that holidaymakers on the lookout for love this summer would have been disappointed. Brits abroad were three times more likely to be bitten by a nasty bug than the love bug. The survey found that UK holidaymakers were more likely to attract nasty insects (70%) and irritating people (82%) than members of the opposite sex (22%).

The research , conducted by NOP on behalf of Yell.com, the UK web portal of the Yellow Pages Group, not only examined what Brits went on holiday for, but also what they lost and found… and where they did so.

Inhibitions (24%), items of clothing (22%) and their way home (18%) topped the table of things lost. Yet only 12% of women admitted to losing their way home compared to 24% of men. It’s hardly surprising to learn that more men (13%) than women (5%) confessed to losing ‘something’ in someone else’s hotel room.

Most people were relaxed (40%), drunk (30%) or were hung-over (20%) at the time they lost something on holiday. A surprising 14% claimed they were ‘in love’. The most likely places to lose items were hotel rooms (33%), restaurants and nightclubs (29%), followed by the beach (27%).

The top five of what UK holiday makers lose most on holiday – inhibition (24%); clothes (22%); money (21%); their way home (18%); camera (14%).

What they find most on holiday – new friends (84%); irritating people (82%); nasty insects (70%); bad food (61%); dirty hotel rooms (37%).

What they want to find – food (92%); a nice hotel (87%); culture (78%); new friends (64%); a secluded beach (58%).

Key findings:
• The south-west ended up on top as regards losing things. Thirty-six per cent lost things in someone else’s hotel room and 54% lost something in a nightclub. Forty-five per cent claimed they were drunk at the time.
• The southern English were most successful in romance, with 26% of them finding love on holiday, whereas only 15% of the Welsh found it.
• Forty-four per cent of people in the Midlands of England ‘found themselves’ whilst on holiday.
• The most unusual thing lost was a pair of false teeth.
• The most irritating things found were – annoying people (82%), nasty insects (70%) and bad food (61%).
• The best things found were new friends (84%), love (22%) and money (19%).


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