Ilog wins eight new contracts for optical network management
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Optical networks are the new networks for the next-generation Internet, and it looks as if many of these will be managed using graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from Ilog.

In eight new contracts, Ilog has been selected to interface optical networking equipment from Alcatel, Alidian, Calient Networks, Centerpoint Broadband Technologies, Ciena, ONI and Redback Networks. In addition, Geyser has selected Ilog for its new MetroView Network Management System, just unveiled at the National Fiber Optic Engineering Conference in Denver.

Optical networking companies require sophisticated visualization tools to help operators become more productive in increasingly complex environments.

“The optical network presentation layer is very complex and calls for a really sophisticated graphical user interface to take all that information and present it in a clean, manageable format. We also needed a product we could deploy quickly,” said Gordon Lee, vice president of engineering, Geyser. “The strengths of the Ilog product are its fast deployment capability and ability to graphically present the complex optical network topology, involving the management of hundreds of elements.”

Optical networking equipment can multiply the efficiency of existing fiber optic equipment – up to a million-fold, by some estimates – while using existing infrastructure and equipment.

Alidian, which selected Ilog GUIs for its Alluminate Network Management System and Alluminate Planner, echoed the need for sophisticated GUIs to manage complex optical networks.

“We designed our software to ease the design and provisioning of optical networks – networks that include many protocols and services traveling over multiple wavelengths on a single optical fiber,” said Dr. Dave Newman, Alidian founder and vice president of engineering. “Extending ease of use, Ilog GUIs enabled our engineers to represent these complex designs with easy-to-understand and easy-to-visualize graphical representations.”

“Ilog visualization tools have become a de facto industry standard for GUIs in traditional networked environments, and appear poised to have similar success in the optical networking market,” said Rob Rich, executive vice president at the Yankee Group.

Ilog JTGO (Java version of Telecom Graphic Objects) and Ilog JViews are embeddable Java 2D components that ease the development of interactive, intuitive GUIs. These GUIs allow operators to focus only on the relevant data in the network, see the global picture of the network in a shorter period of time, and anticipate problems before they occur. Using these visualization software components from Ilog, equipment providers can slash the development time and cost of these interfaces by as much as 50%, supercharging new product development and deployment.

Ilog’s visualization and optimization software components are used by the world’s largest telecommunications companies, including Alcatel, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, France Telecom, Lucent Technologies, MCI WorldCom, Nokia, Nortel, Siemens and Telefonica.

Dually headquartered in Paris and Mountain View, California, Ilog is the world’s leading supplier of software components. Founded in 1987, Ilog offers embeddable optimization, visualization and business rule components that dramatically shorten the development time of enterprise applications in the supply chain, telecommunications, transportation and financial services industries.



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