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Imdaad Naguib takes Technology Award at CXLOTY 2023


With a track record of tremendous tech triumphs, we can confirm that the Customer Experience Leader of the Year 2023 Technology Award winner is Mohamed Naguib Mohamed Imdaad of Dialog Axiata PLC.

2nd Nov 2023

Mohamed Naguib Mohamed Imdaad has been instrumental as the General Manager of Digital Customer Experience and Omni Channel at Dialog Axiata PLC in Sri Lanka. His leadership is dedicated to delivering exceptional digital customer experiences to 17 million Dialog Axiata customers, driving the organisation's purpose of leading the customer experience transformation towards a digital future.

The vision set forth by Imdaad and his team is to humanise digital care to create consumer value by fulfilling the needs of exploration, self-expression, consumption, and emotional engagement through personalised, ubiquitous, life-enriching experiences. Within this framework, the objectives of Group Service Delivery (GSD) include becoming the No. 1 digital customer experience provider and achieving service leadership and operational excellence.

Imdaad has successfully executed key strategies to deliver on these objectives as part of his role. These include:

  • Strategic business roadmap: Developing a comprehensive roadmap to enhance customer experiences across channels, aligning with the company's digital transformation program.
  • Simplification and modernisation: Architecting a digital customer experience that simplifies interactions and modernises processes by leveraging digital technologies, automation, and streamlined workflows.
  • Resolving customer pain points: Identifying and addressing critical customer issues and pain points through feedback gathering and implementing solutions to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Employee experience journey: Designing an employee experience journey that supports digital customer experience aspirations, incorporating paperless and automated processes in the middle and back office to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Cost efficiencies: Identifying opportunities for cost efficiencies within the service delivery model through the implementation of digital and self-serve solutions.

These objectives and strategies are presented annually during the Business Planning (BP) session and obtain approval from the board of directors of Dialog Axiata, ensuring alignment with the company's vision.

Imdaad's influence extends to sharing best practices within the Axiata OPCO, a conglomerate comprising telecommunications companies across Asia. As a representative of the Digital Customer Experience Expert Working Group (EWG), he actively participates in knowledge-sharing sessions to foster collaboration and exchange of insights among OPCOs.

Imdaad's influence has led to Dialog Axiata achieving the highest level of digital maturity, with 60% of transactions now conducted digitally.

Dialog Axiata has achieved the highest level of digital maturity, level 5, across all aspects based on the Frost & Sullivan Digital Maturity Model. The organisation's digital care has reached 54% of customers, with a further increase to 60% in May 2023, showcasing the rapid growth of digital channels. The "MyDialog" self-care mobile application, with over 6 million downloads and an 80% active user base, supports six languages and has experienced significant year-over-year growth.

Imdaad's initiatives have brought about a significant shift towards digital channels, resulting in an improved customer experience and contributing to the growth of Dialog Axiata. With 60% of transactions now conducted digitally, the adoption of self-service digital channels has proven to be effective in enhancing accessibility, convenience, and efficiency for subscribers.

By prioritising technology and customer-centric solutions, Imdaad has not only improved the customer experience within his organisation but also set a benchmark inspiring the wider industry, making him a clear winner for the CX Leader of the Year Technology Award.

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By aislideshowmaker
05th Nov 2023 17:04

Congratulations to Imdaad Naguib, who won the esteemed CXLOTY 2023 Technology Award! His remarkable accomplishments and inventive technological advances have surely had a big influence. His outstanding accomplishments in the field are highlighted by this well-deserved accolade.

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