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Infographic: 42 online marketing tools

7th Oct 2016

A recent survey of over 500 marketers across the US and Europe by DataXu, entitled Modernizing the Mix: Transforming Marketing Through Technology and Analytics, found that 78% of US marketers and 63% of European marketers believe that understanding marketing technology is now a critical skill for senior marketers to be successful.

With the number of channels to communicate with customers increasing, marketing tools are emerging as a crucial way of simplifying and streamlining businesses online presence. But with the digital marketing tool lanscape so dense and confusing, the decision on which tools to choose is a difficult one. 

Which tools should you use, and across which platforms?

This infographic from EZSiteBuilders attempts to bring some clarity to this issue, by listing 42 of the most popular digital marketing tools, in categories ranging from social media marketing, SEO, pay per click, content marketing, email marketing and analytics

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Online marketing tools

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By ElliotStephens90
20th Oct 2016 11:44

For me, HARO is unreplaceable for my work and I can't believe how I got away with not having it.

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