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Infographic: Five ways marketers can make the most of Twitter's update

21st Sep 2016
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This week social networking giant Twitter announced its latest update, and the big news is that Tweeters can now express even more in their 140 characters. 

In its dev blog, Twitter explained that it is simplifying the way that replies work on Twitter by moving some of the “scaffolding” of Tweets into display elements so that they no longer count towards the character limit within the Tweet. Similarly, attachments (such as images) no longer count towards the overall character limit. 

So what are the implications of these changes for marketers? Rolustech examines what it means for marketing in this infographic. This includes:

  • What has changed?
  • What tweets will look like. 
  • How marketers can make full use of 140 characters. 


Twitter update



that users can now: 

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