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Infographic: How businesses will approach digital transformation in 2017

8th Dec 2016

To paraphrase a quote from Claire Hazle, when it comes to digital transformation, "across the world everybody is either doing it, saying they’re doing it or bragging about how well they’re doing it".

But how are businesses really fairing in their digital transformation projects? A new study from market research firm Ovum has found that one third of enterprises globally are underprepared for digital transformation.

Ovum's research also revealed that while 60% believe their organisation’s process of digital transformation is "well advanced" or "in progress”, only 7% believe it to be complete.

Crucially, many businesses stated they were struglling with creating an infrastructure built for omnichannel engagement, especially in terms of being able to link customer journeys across online and mobile channels.

Across industries, retail banks claim to be the most advanced (45%), followed by payments, insurance and financial markets (40%).

Here's some further details from the study (click to enlarge):

Digital transformation infographic

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