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Infographic: How to re-engage customers with email

29th Mar 2016
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An average email list decays by 25% every year, and according to Marketing Sherpa 75% of email subscribers are inactive.  A drop in engagement leads to poor reputation and poor deliverability. 

Fortunately, re-engagement emails can come to the rescue. Re-engagement emails can be the divine jackfruit that brings life to the dead email list!

This infographic from Email Monks examines:

  • Why email lists decay. 
  • Why drops in engagement lead to poor reputation.
  • Why drops in engagement lead to poor deliverability.
  • The top reasons why subscribers disengage. 
  • How to plan up and strategise re-engagement via email. 
  • What the best practices are for re-engagement emails. 
  • How to measure the success of re-engagement emails. 




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