Infographic: How to spring clean your email list

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Email list cleaning is a powerful tool for email marketers attempting to create a successful email campaign. 

While marketers are busy obtaining email data, sending engaging emails, re-engaging subscribers and so on, email list spring cleaning is often ignored or forgotten. 

According to research, email databases decay naturally by 22.5% every year - so email list cleaning is key for email marketers to unlock a sustainable ROI. 

This infographic from Email Monks shares insight on the importance of email cleaning, and advice on how to achieve it. 

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Email cleaning

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19th May 2017 10:52

While email marketing is still one of the best ways to drive sales and communicate with customers, email in general does have its quirks. That’s why, just like with any other aspect of growing and maintaining your business, it’s important to keep up with the housecleaning duties of your email marketing efforts on a consistent basis. Custom essay writing service, Your email list does have a shelf life if not properly maintained, as it is filled with precious information (email addresses, open rates, click rates, purchase patterns, etc.). It’s critical to keep it healthy for long-term success.

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