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Infographic: In-store marketing and your customers

1st Jul 2016
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Once a customer passes into your store, it's your opportunity to get your message across within a limited timeframe. 

Shopper marketing focuses on the customer in and at the point of purchase. It is an integrated and strategic approach to a customer's in-store experience which is seen as a driver of both sales and brand equity. 

This infographic from Cube examines shopper marketing in more detail and provides some useful perspective and insight. 


  • Interesting statistics about in-store marketing. 
  • The power of in-store music. 
  • Digital signage. 
  • Message and music on-hold marketing. 
  • Social media marketing. 
  • Shopper marketing trends to watch. 

Shopper marketing

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By Wilges
13th Dec 2017 08:28

I would actually say that if your roadside a advertising is good enough to get the customers into your door, half the battle is won! Of course there are really hard nuts to crack who really just enjoy window shopping - coming into your shop and wasting your time looking around. But then again, you have to wrap your mind around the fact that something interested that person to come in. You never know WHEN that might turn into a sale for you if you just keep your hopes up!

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