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Infographic: The pros and cons of DIY SEO

8th Mar 2016
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Studies by industry experts and major players in the digital marketing arena have established time and time again how important search engine optimisation (SEO) is. Indeed, SEO is the main driver for organic search, generating as much as 51% of traffic in the B2B market, according to data collected by BrightEdge. The same study also found that generating inbound leads through SEO demands 61% less cost from digital marketers than other outbound marketing strategies. 

There is a plethora of resources and articles about SEO on the internet today, making it easier for businesses to take matters into their own hands. While it is not impossible to implement SEO on your own, do-it-yourself SEO involves critical tasks that can be risky for the company. And therefore it is important that organisations take some time to do research and thoroughly understand what they are taking on, to ensure they avoid causing harm to their business. 

This infographic by CJG Digital Marketing examines the pros, cons and challenges associated with do-it-yourself SEO, including:

  • Time and labour
  • Costs
  • Creating relevant content
  • Industry considerations



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