Infographic: Top video marketing stats

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AOL research suggests that advertising budgets are shifting away from TV and towards digital platforms. 

And digital video in particular is gaining momentum with marketers. 

This infographic from Hyperfine Media examines:

  • How mobile investment has increased.
  • How much video content is online.
  • How many brands are dedicating budgets to branded video.
  • How many B2B brands are increasing video marketing spending.


About Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Chris is Editor of MyCustomer. He is a practiced editor, having worked as a copywriter for creative agency, Stranger Collective from 2009 to 2011 and subsequently as a journalist covering technology, marketing and customer service from 2011-2014 as editor of Business Cloud News. He joined MyCustomer in 2014.


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03rd Feb 2016 07:59

meaningful insights, thanks for sharing Chris...

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