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Infographic: Why email is still a marketer's prized asset

26th Feb 2016

According to recent Email Monks data, 75% of all email subscribers are 'inactive'.

Yet, despite this, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) states the return on investment from email marketing campaigns is still on the rise, with figures in May 2015 stating that 18% of marketers were experiencing a £70 return on every £1 spent on their email campaigns.  

In their latest Email Tracker research the DMA highlights that this dependence on email has only increased further in 2016, but as a result of this return, a number of challenges are surfacing. Here's a breakdown of the key stats (zoom to enlarge):  

Email marketing

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By Edward Wills
26th Feb 2016 10:45

I think this will be true for some time and should be one of the key focus points for the majority of websites.

Email is a lot more personal then sending a tweet and or Facebook update. Email also allows you to segment your lists so they are targeted and have a higher chance to convert into sales. That's as long as you collect the data of course.

For instance a clothing store selling men's and woman's tops, if your looking to advertise woman's tops in time for summer, you can just send an email campaign to the woman in your list. It would be pretty pointless sending it to the men and could result in a lot of people unsubscribing.

It does bug me when I get pestered with email campaigns from companies though, there is a limit to how much I want to be advertised to!

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Replying to Edward Wills:
Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
26th Feb 2016 11:13

Thanks Edward. Your last point is probably most pertinent - where is the tipping in terms of shifting from regularly updating your customers to pestering them? I guess this is where you need to be doing some good data analysis to be informing you when people were unsubscribing or disengaging with your emails and use the information guide future campaigns.

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