Informatica heads to the cloud
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Data integration specialist Informatica has announced a new software as a service (SaaS) offering, which allows business users to integrate off-premise data with their on-premise data.

The 8.6 release will be available at the end of June, in both on-premises and hosted versions. Informatica 8.6 is claimed to be the first toolset that will work with data from multiple software applications. The application suite will work with data regardless of the database, middleware or line of business application used by enterprises.

The Informatica 8.6 platform includes PowerCenter and PowerExchange. PowerCenter has been upgraded to a Real Time edition which can support both conventional batch data capture, as well as "streaming changed data capture”. This means it integrates support for data from cloud computing applications, from Google Apps to SaaS implementations.

“Business users can now use data integration as simply as they can use consumer web sites,” said Sohaib Abbasi, Informatica chief executive. “It is cloud computing to cloud computing using cloud computing. We allow you to access off-premises data through streaming data capture. It allows [customers] to deploy on cost-effective grid computing. And integrating with SaaS applications is as simple as accessing a consumer website."

The new software includes B2B Data Transformation, to handle unstructured information, and B2B Data Exchange, which automates data exchange between organisations, and is based around XML. B2B Data Transformation supports files for office applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word, as well as semi-structured information such as SWIFT in financial services or HIPAA in health care.


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