Internet broadcast doubles audience at shareholders’ meeting
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HSBC’s Investor Relations department doubled audience figures by broadcasting a recent announcement to shareholders over the Internet.

The banking giant turned to ACT Teleconferencing for the most advanced means of disseminating its news. ActionShow powered by MSHOW, an interactive broadcasting service provider, was selected to enable HSBC to reach the City and shareholders worldwide, simultaneously.

Previously, HSBC broadcast its news via three separate telephone conference calls - to analysts, the press and fund managers. Whilst this method worked, it had clear limitations, including the absence of imagery. This lessened the impact of the news, as the listener’s attention was quickly lost.

“We wanted a solution that allowed us to issue information to a geographically dispersed audience and manage the entire event from start to finish,” said Mike Stephenson, senior manager, investor relations at HSBC. “We sent over our presentation and ACT and converted the content and ensured that everybody received the information they needed. All we needed to join the show was an Internet-enabled PC and a telephone for real-time, interactive communication.”

“HSBC prides itself on being at the forefront of technological advancements, reflected in its global network and rapidly growing eCommerce capability,” said John Hammond, sales director at “HSBC was neither daunted nor deterred by the technology and found that viewing figures had effectively doubled.”

“With the demands of the Financial Services Authority that all shareholders be informed of company developments simultaneously, ActionShow is a simple to use, cost-effective solution that enables you to do just that,” added Stephenson. “You can reach audiences of up to 10,000 people and they can join the show from anywhere - ‘come as you are’, so to speak.”

ActionShow, powered by mShow, operates within firewall-protected networks, so HSBC’s security is not jeopardised. Participants benefit from the real-time broadcast of cached audio and visuals. These were loaded on to users’ desktops in the fifteen minutes between log-on and show-time, while lobby slides familiarised them with profiles of the presenters. During the show, attendees were able to send text messages to each other and the presenter.

The presentation was archived by and then loaded on to HSBC’s website for the use of those who had missed it.

ACT Teleconferencing
Established in 1990, ACT Teleconferencing is an independent provider of audio, video, data and Internet conferencing products and services to multinational corporations worldwide. Total revenue for the worldwide teleconferencing industry is estimated at $5 billion annually. The company’s operations have grown from the original single location in Denver to 11 operations centres and 13 sales offices in nine countries. ACT’s headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, USA, with sales and operations centres in London, Ottowa, Paris, New Jersey, Dallas, Denver, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Sydney and Adelaide. is a communications service provider that delivers web-based, interactive broadcasting and conferencing services. It offers applications in the marketing of seminars, product launches, sales meetings, channel marketing meetings, executive briefings and investor relations activities. The company was founded in 1996, and its clients include Cisco Systems, Columbia / HCA Healthcare, Lawson software, 3Com, MapInfo and Lucent Technologies. Strategic reseller partnerships include Qwest and Enron Broadband Services and audio and streaming partners include Voyant, Multilink and Telscan. employs 120 staff worldwide and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Austin, Chicago in the USA and Reading in the UK.

Headquartered in London, UK, HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial service organisations in the world. The group’s international network comprises some 6,000 offices in 81 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.
Shares in HSBC are held by around 180,000 shareholders in 100 countries and territories.

ACT Teleconferencing


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