iPlanet unveils new age of intelligent communications

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The iPlanet Intelligent Communications Platform (ICP) claims to be the first open, extensible software platform, enabling the rapid delivery of communication and collaboration services over converged voice, wireline and wireless networks.

Through a series of open and extensible application programming interfaces (APIs) ICP enables customers to deliver innovative next-generation services.

A service provider building on the iPlanet platform, for example, could introduce new value-added services that automatically notify cell phone subscribers when an Internet auction of interest opens, send a page when a meeting is added to their calendar or turn on a phone message light when an urgent e-mail arrives.

Key services include:
• The ability to deliver e-mail, calendar and address book via wireless protocols to multiple devices (browser clients, WAP enabled handheld devices) using a future-proofed architecture capable of supporting GSM, CDMA, G3 and future networking technologies.
• Intelligent notification services that can ‘listen’ for events such as calendar changes, stock price thresholds or auction notifications, then deliver an appropriate notification to the relevant application or device.
• Access to LDAP directories to deliver customised and branded services (such as unified messaging and personal address book) targeted to specific user communities. Also allows the provisioning of new services on a per community basis.
• Integral access into message store services providing the flexibility to interact with multiple media types (streaming audio and voice mail integration), and guaranteed delivery of those services in a high-performance environment.
• Interface into message routing process, allowing customers to integrate virus protection and content analysis, and provide delivery service levels based upon variables such as the role of the user, priority level of the communication or the user’s subscription access rights. Also provides open access to media conversion capabilities (converting e-mail to fax, e-mail to SMS wireless messages, and Word to HTML).

“As wireline and wireless services merge, platform choice and flexibility become even more important,” said Stuart Wells, iPlanet senior vice president. “With our communications partners we offer that flexibility and enable a communications service infrastructure that reduces complexity for our customers.”

“Reliability and scalability were key factors in the decision to build the Orchestrate 2000 platform around iPlanet’s software infrastructure,” said Daryl Engelman, executive vice president, Orchestrate. “In creating a new market category for personalized content and communications, Orchestrate 2000 needs to be supported by a solution with virtually unlimited flexibility. The iPlanet advanced e-commerce applications allow us to bring to market a new service that can be personalised by each individual.”

iPlanet was established in 1999 by America Online and Sun Microsystems to power the next wave of the net economy.



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