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Is now the perfect time to improve your email promotions?

28th Aug 2015
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Research from Adobe states email is still the most favourable mode for consumers to receive marketing offers, with nearly two thirds (63%) of consumers preferring to be contacted by email.

However, the same research also states that many emails are being left unopened, with consumers only interested enough to click into around a quarter of the email offers they receive, due to marketers failing to engage them with the relevant content.

This is despite the majority of respondents now admitting they check their emails “around the clock”, with 81% checking email outside working hours and a third (31%) while still in bed in the morning.

And while email may still lead other direct mail, social media, brand apps, text and phone by some considerable distance as the preferred channel for receiving marketing offers, the challenge is on for more relevant emails to improve the flagging click-through rates.

The survey states consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated by email repetition, a failure to deliver more personalised or geographically-relevant offers, direct buy buttons and video.

Two thirds (67%) of people also said they would be more likely to open a marketing email if the subject line made it clear there was an offer or voucher, which correlates with other recent research from Adestra that suggests personalising subject lines actually has a negative effect on open and click-through rates for emails, and that more focus and attention should be given to understanding the products and promotions that are most likely to attract click throughs.

The same research showed that many sales are driven by specific percentage discounts to highly relevant products, which have a substantial effect on both open and click rates.

“Email continues to be one of the most powerful marketing channels,” said John Watton, EMEA marketing director at Adobe.

“And while email marketers have a devoted audience, they need to keep it relevant to succeed. The days of blast-style emails are over and brands need to focus on getting their messages to the right person, with the right content, at the right place and at just the right moment. The best way to keep consumers engaged is through more dynamic and real-time personalised content with contextually relevant offers and promotions.”

In Europe, a report from SendGrid into the device of choice for emails found that iPhones still makes up almost a quarter (24%) of email opens and clicks, but this is an 8% decrease on 2014.

The iPad saw a more significant decline of 15% year-on-year, averaged across Europe, while email opens on an Android device rose by an average of 68% across the EU last year.

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