JDE harvests results at food firm

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Harvest States Foods has selected integrator BORN to implement J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware ERP modules at its food manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

BORN will manage the implementation of J.D. Edwards software at Harvest States Foods' headquarters and Mexican food manufacturing facilities in Minneapolis., Fort Worth, Phoenix and Charlotte.

Specifically it will install J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware modules at Harvest States' plants for sales order processing, advanced pricing, inventory, purchasing, product data management, manufacturing planning, shop floor control and product costing and manufacturing accounting.

According to Harvest States Foods, the primary objective for the new J.D. Edwards software implementation is to be a better supplier for its customers by streamlining its Mexican food processing operations across the U.S. through a standard enterprise management system. James D. Tibbetts, Senior Vice President, Harvest States Foods. " These systems are imperative to us becoming a national leader in Mexican food."

The new system will also set a standard for Harvest States Foods as it realizes its growth goals through future acquisitions. A common J.D. Edwards software platform will also improve Harvest States Foods' ability to share information and run its operations in a more cohesive, integrated manner.

BORN will provide a variety of consulting services to Harvest States Foods under this contract, including business process improvement, project management, application configuration and technology consulting. BORN will also mentor Harvest States Foods' employees to facilitate a smooth transition to its new business solution and technology, and also equip them to manage the process of integrating future acquisitions into their enterprise system.


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