Kana improves online service for 10 million gamesters by 500%

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Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has improved service to its 10 million online consumers by 500% through using enterprise relationship management (eRM) technology from Kana. Agents now respond to queries in less than 24 hours.

SOE’s website, The Station, hosts online games including EverQuest, the most successful multiplayer online role-playing game in history. The site boasts more than 88,000 simultaneous players.

Every week, Internet-based customer service agents field more than 6,000 questions, comments and interactions using Kana.

Sony deployed Kana a year ago, and the technology has already paid for itself, according to George M. Scotto, director of customer service for Sony Online Entertainment. “Our players need answers fast so they can stay in the game and continue their adventures,” Scotto said. “Kana reduces expensive phone-based interactions, and handles a customer base expected to quadruple in the next year.”

Part of a multichannel solution, the system automatically:
• categorises and routes questions, comments and inquiries to appropriate agents;
• autoresponds to selected inquires and autosuggests responses for others;
• produces analytical data and reports on customer concerns and behaviour to any member of the company’s extended “virtual” enterprise; and
• automatically assembles a knowledge base from which any agent can draw, resulting in continuous improvement in service and support.

About Sony Online Entertainment
SOE’s website features EverQuest, Jeopardy! Online and Wheel of Fortune Online. the company headquarters are in San Diego, California, with additional development studios in St. Louis and Austin.

Sony Online Entertainment

About Kana Communications Inc.
Kana delivers solutions that offer customers, partners and the enterprise a global view of their communications and relationships. This global view includes managing communications channels such as email, web, chat, instant message, VOIP, phone and person-to-person, as well as eBusiness and communications applications to integrate the marketing, sales and service functions.

Kana Communications


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