Littlewoods pilots new Chordiant architecture
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Littlewoods in the UK has become on the first customers to implement Chordiant Software’s so-called Dynamically Driven CRM philosophy by integrating the new Chordiant 5 into its existing call centre. By implementing the Chordiant solution, Littlewoods says it expects to be able to deal with customer inquiries faster and in a more personalized manner.

This CRM implementation is expected to provide customer service agents with real-time, multidimensional interaction, which underscores the high-profile "Littlewoods would" branding campaign. "One of our objectives at Littlewoods is to set new standards in customer service in the UK retail environment by maximizing every customer interaction to extend customer loyalty and value," said David Hallet, group IT director, Littlewoods.

Littlewoods' strategy is to create the UK's leading multichannel retail business, enabling customers to shop with ease through the widest variety of channels and formats. Considerable headway has been made in enhancing and expanding channels to market home shopping, Littlewoods stores and e-commerce. The Web site has more than 40,000 products online:

The home shopping business was launched in 1932 and is now the second largest in the UK, operating through two major home shopping channels, Littlewoods the all-inclusive catalog and Littlewoods extra. Littlewoods Retail operates more than 250 high street stores across the UK, which trade under three main fascias: Littlewoods Stores, Index and Littlewoods Catalogue Discount Stores. The first Littlewoods stores opened in 1937, and the first Index store opened in 1985.

Littlewoods is the first company in the UK, to use Chordiant's new JX Architecture as part of a scaled project and beta testing. The JX Architecture is said by Chordiant to be a highly scalable and high-performance J2EE and XML-based architecture designed around these industry standards to deliver outstanding scalability, performance and integration with existing enterprise operational systems.

Chordiant 5 includes the Chordiant 5 Enterprise Platform, Chordiant 5 Marketing and Chordiant 5 Selling & Servicing. The Chordiant 5 Enterprise Platform is an integrated set of services that includes reusable business components. The integrated suite of marketing, selling and serving applications are all built upon the JX Architecture and leverage the enterprise platform.

The company claims Chordiant 5 Enterprise Platform resolves the long-standing build versus buy CRM quandary faced by large B2C enterprises, by delivering out-of-the-box packaged processes, templates and applications, which are used to create adaptive and dynamic business processing using enterprise business rules and policies.


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