Livedoor tops Japan’s free ISP domain rankings
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Yahoo has maintained its number one position in Media Metrix Japan’s top 10 global domains, followed by Nifty and Microsoft.

Hi-Ho ranked at 10th overall in the July rankings with approximately 5 million unique visitors, stepping one rank up from June. (Unique visitors means the total number of users who visited the website at least once in the given month. All unique visitors only counted once and are in thousands.)

In addition, the three free Internet service providers (ISP) displayed their strengths in the free Internet provider rankings that Japanese Internet users visited in July. Livedoor boasted 841,000 visitors and claimed the number one spot, followed by Zero then Freeserve.

Livedoor aggregates approximately 5.5% reach of the total Japanese Internet users in July. (Reach is the percentage of individuals that accessed a specific site from among the total number of individuals using the web or online services.)

On the other hand, Zero scored 24.6 pages with average unique pages per visitor in a day while Livedoor had 12.8 pages. (Average pages is the number of different URLs made per day by visitors to the website. A page request is a specific URL successfully loaded by the browser at least once in the day. Even if the page was viewed many times, it is counted only once.)

Media Metrix analyzes that Zero’s rather high score was generated by a number of new user registrations and its unique website features their TV CM which gave general audience a strong impact.

Media Metrix Japan’s digital media report is generated from a continuous panel recruited by random digit dialing. It also conducts a monthly survey that examines and estimates the Japanese Internet-user universe. Data from the panelists captured real-time is processed by Media Metrix’s patented metering technology in Uniondale, New York.

Data from the digital media report forms the basis for strategic business planning for companies competing in the digital economy.

With over 900 clients, Media Metrix, is a source for reliable audience ratings, e-commerce, advertising and technology measurement services.

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