Liverpool call centre creates 700 jobs
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Outsourced customer contact management company, 7C has opened the UK’s first call centre to operate entirely over a private IP network in Liverpool by, creating 700 jobs. The centre uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology from Cisco Systems combined with a virtual private network (VPN) using ATM circuits from Worldcom, in place of traditional public telephone networks.

The 7C centre, which will provide international CRM services to blue chip clients including Cisco Systems, is the first in what is intended to be a template for all 7C operations in the UK and worldwide. The hi-tech approach is intended to allow high speed deployment of contact centre facilities anywhere in the world and reduce infrastructure set up costs for new centres by up to 30 per cent as well as reducing 7C’s costs in providing customer contact management services on an international basis.

"Freed from the constraints of traditional telephone networks we can now proceed with the deployment of a new generation of contact centres that support all communications channels and, because international telephony costs are negated by the private network, provide cost effective global service,” said Duncan Wilkes, 7C managing director.

The main customer for the new centre is Cisco which has signed a £1 million contract with 7C. Multilingual staff at the centre will deal with enquiries from Cisco customers in 11 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, using six languages. The 7C service, which is aimed at buyers and potential buyers of Cisco’s full product portfolio supports Cisco’s e-marketing initiative and is accessed via the company’s web site.

Users are given options to communicate with the 7C centre via Web Chat, Click-to-Talk, web collaboration and email, as well as the more usual telephone and fax. 7C will also conduct outbound marketing campaigns on Cisco’s behalf, via the contact centre, using a full range of communication channels.

In Autumn of last year 7C claimed to be the first outsourced customer contact management company to offer clients direct access to a fully integrated CRM technology platform. Named Incenta, the platform has been built by integrating CRM application technologies from Siebel Systems, E.piphany, Cisco and Vitria.


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