Lucent Technologies unveils CRM Central 2000
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Lucent Technologies today announced a comprehensive suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software - the first product resulting from Lucent's recent acquisition of Mosaix, Inc.

CRM Central 2000 will be available in September, 1999 - initially in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom - and will be rolled out in a series of releases, with in-language versions delivered to selected regions around the world during 2000.

The product was recently demonstrated at the ICCM '99 Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, and at DCI's Customer Relationship Management Conference and Exhibition in New York.

Lucent has guaranteed full support of Lucent NetCare® CRM Professional Services with the product, and has pledged to work with leading systems integrators and consultants to assist enterprises in deploying the solution.


CRM Central 2000 integrates all areas where companies interact with customers, according to Lucent -- from the front-office call center to supporting functions such as order processing, fulfillment, billing and back-office processes.

The solution will direct customer contacts -- through multiple media channels such as voice, fax, letter, e-mail and Internet -- to the appropriate resource based on criteria set up by the business. Criteria can be based on historical information - such as customers' buying preferences - or circumstantial information such as customer contact volumes. For traditional voice contacts, CRM Central 2000 can work with routing patterns already programmed into a company's telephone switch software, or ACD - including call handling enabled by Lucent's routing software, CentreVu® Advocate.

First Customer

The solution's first customer, National City Bank, is a bank holding company that offers a full range of financial services to businesses and consumers. CRM Central 2000 will help support the bank's customer relationship management approach, according to Tim O'Mara, National City Bank's assistant vice president and general manager, voice engineering services.

"CRM Central 2000 is the glue that brings together our various systems and data sources," O'Mara said. "We're excited about its ability to join disparate systems and manage work so we can focus better on our customers. Its flexibility and ease of use are also major factors in its implementation."

Based on open and flexible Windows NT architecture, CRM Central 2000 integrates with popular enterprise software applications such as those from Siebel Systems, Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP, and data sources from providers like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase.


The solution initially is compatible with Lucent's DEFINITY® Enterprise Communications Server (ECS). Subsequent releases will work with communications systems manufactured by Nortel.

The first release supports voice, interactive voice response (IVR) and Web forms, and subsequent versions also will support fax, Internet contacts and scanned documents.

This release also supports Lucent's INTUITY® CONVERSANT™ IVR system as well as IVR systems manufactured by Periphonics. It supports the needs of single sites and will evolve to manage multi-site, distributed enterprises.

The next release of CRM Central 2000 -- including multi-site support, Internet, e-mail, document compatibility and compatibility with Nortel equipment - will be available in the first half of 2000.  


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