Making CRM work with Wheelhouse
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US firm Wheelhouse is claiming to be the company that “makes CRM work” with the release of Wheelhouse CRM Director, which it says provides a new way for Fortune 1000 companies to unify disparate systems through the coordination of enterprise-wide CRM data.

The company argues that aligning and integrating analytic, operational and legacy CRM systems is a major challenge for IT departments today because with each new system implementation, business units and channels customise their own business definitions - such as customer, preferences and response - and data schemas to optimise the needs of their systems exclusively. The resulting inability to manage business definitions across the organisation leads to the operational isolation of disparate CRM systems and the inability to share data across systems.

"Over the next five years, companies will spend over $150 billion dollars reinventing sales, marketing, and service to cut costs, grow revenue or change the playing field," said Brian Carty, Wheelhouse president and CEO. "With Wheelhouse CRM Director, we have developed an important enterprise application to address the major obstacle to getting the return on this investment - managing customer-related data."

Launched at the DEMO 2002 conference, Wheelhouse CRM Director enables organisations to reduce CRM implementation time and expense, simplify the ongoing management of their systems, reduce the complexity of the CRM environment and prepare for real-time, multi-channel customer relationship initiatives.

Using Wheelhouse CRM Director, companies create and manage standardised, reusable business definitions mapped to the different CRM system schemas throughout the organization. These maps are used to direct CRM data movement across systems and are accessible to third-party tools via SOAP and Java APIs. The net result is that companies can identify up- sell and cross-sell opportunities across products and business units and coordinate customer service across all channels - all of which should add up to more consistent and profitable customer relationships and increased revenue.

Wheelhouse CRM Director will be available in March 2002. The client is a feature-rich C++ application supporting Windows 2K, XP, and 98. The server is deployable on Java application servers such as BEA WebLogic, iPlanet, or Tomcat.

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