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Marketers, get to grips with new ISP filters or lose sales!

11th May 2012
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Marketers that fail to understand Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) new spam-blocking filters are at serious risk of failing to deliver emails to consumers’ inboxes, according to new research.

The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) new whitepaper on email deliverability warns that emails are likely to be impacted by the ISPs new spam filters that are moving away from penalising ‘bad’ email and moving towards rewarding ‘good’ email instead.

The new system will use a series of engagement metrics to determine subscriber behaviour based on activity response.

Subscribers who don’t delete without reading, who nominate emails as ‘not spam’, and who retrieve emails that have been mistakenly routed to the spam folder, are all demonstrating positive interactions with their marketing emails. As a result, the senders of these emails will be rewarded with preferential placement in the inbox, said the association.

Guy Hanson from the DMA said: “Marketers need to understand how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and spam filters are significantly changing the way they monitor and process commercial email or face the real danger of delivering ineffective email marketing campaigns. Failing to reach the inbox ultimately means losing sales.”

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