MEDAC offers web-based billing
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Anesthesiologists appear to now have a way to ease the aches and pain associated with tracking and analyzing their billing information.

MEDAC, the United States anesthesia practice management firm, has adopted the Cognos Enterprise Reporting solution for e-Business with the intent to provide customers with easier and more insightful access to their billing information. The solution is aims at enabling clients to view and analyze personalized billing reports just by logging on to a special page on the MEDAC Web site.

"The Cognos Enterprise Reporting solution provides MEDAC customers with information and an understanding of their billings that was simply unavailable in the past, anywhere," said John Memar, president of MEDAC. "Unlike most other companies in our industry, which provide only monthly summary reports to their clients, we are enabling our clients to view an up-to-the-minute status report of their billings, identify historical trends in the data and more effectively plan and provide services to their patients in the future."

According to MEDAC customers using this system can monitor and analyze the billing status of specific patients and as many as 2,000 different insurance companies. The analytical capabilities of the solution should allow clients to break down their billing information by factors such as time, procedure, location or insurance company and to uncover hidden trends in their data.

"Until now, it was virtually impossible for me to keep track of all my billings without wading through piles of monthly paper reports, and even then something was bound to slip through the cracks," said MEDAC customer, Dr. James Frasier. "With the Cognos Enterprise Reporting solution, MEDAC has given me the dependable tool I need to effectively navigate my practice through the ever-changing conditions of this marketplace."

"In the era of e-business, the name of the game is connection¬óconnecting information, connecting people, connecting organizations," said Tom Camps, Cognos vice president of market strategies. "Simply put, MEDAC is an e-business groundbreaker and a genuine leader among the ever-expanding number of companies adopting Cognos' enterprise business intelligence solutions to deliver greater value to their customers."


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