Meet Mya, your virtual PA
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Although she didn’t star in one of this year’s blockbusters, and she’s not dating a superstar, Mya is Hollywood’s latest ‘it’ girl. She burst on to the Hollywood scene on Oscar night, and everyone is talking about her.

Motorola’s Mya made her debut on television during the live telecast of the Academy Awards, and in 60 seconds, showed how she will change your life. The 24-hour, voice-driven, cyber-generated personal assistant will read the web to you anytime, anywhere and she is coming soon to a phone near you.

Using a new net navigation language, Mya will help link consumers to information while they are mobile. You just call her and she can read you stocks, sports, weather, traffic reports, airline reservations, local news, addresses, and appointments.

By the year 2002 more people will connect to the internet from cell-phones than from computers.

“Consumers will be able to send an email, surf the web by voice, take a digital image, buy movie tickets, watch a game-winning touchdown, even speak to each other via video wirelessly,” said Geoffrey Frost, vice president and director of communications for Motorola.

“Mya will provide an easy way for people to use personal and internet information while they are mobile, without touching or looking at anything.”

Digital Domain visual effects studio created Mya the celebrity with revolutionary technology, from the construction of her hair to the movement of her clothes. “We wanted to create a character that people instantly liked,” said Fred Raimondi of Digital Domain. “It is important for people to develop a personal connection within the virtual world, and it was our challenge to achieve that.”

Mya will be available in a few months.


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