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Trango of Toronto has announced the release of MessageStream – a sophisticated software solution which expands the way contact centers and employees receive messages.

MessageStream 2.0 automatically reports and displays information on incoming client calls, voice mail messages and system data statistics.

“Employees are not always in their office and by the phone,” said president Gary Kaufman. “MessageStream provides the assurance that they get information immediately, regardless of their location,”

New capabilities include:
• Schedules, which ensure that messages are sent to agents only during specific periods
• Enable/Disable rules, which provides the flexibility to create rules at any time, yet only activate the rules that are needed
• Conditions within rules, a multiple-criteria trigger to determine if and when a message is sent
• Client Groups, which allows single messages to be sent to groups
• MessageStream NetMinder, which monitors the MessageStream Server, Distributors and Data Sources and restarts them if they are offline.

Trango Software Corporation designs, builds, installs and supports comprehensive solutions for companies looking to improve customer service and handle customer interaction in their contact center more efficiently. Partnering with telephony leaders like Siemens, Lucent, and Nortel, and adaptive solution providers such as Henter-Joyce and Blazie Engineering,

The company offers a suite of enterprise products to address the needs of any CTI environment, including solutions for the visually impaired. This suite of products currently includes MessageStream, MessageBridge, BrailleStream, and BrailleStream LCD.

Since its inception in 1996, the company has experienced a 50% annual growth rate, and currently employs over 50 people. Trango is located just north of Toronto in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

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