Microsoft's mighty push puts XP Online
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AdRelevance Data snapshot: by David Martin and Marc Ryan
Content with your current operating system? Microsoft says it has 200 million reasons why you should upgrade to their new Windows XP platform.

While a huge marketing budget has television and print advertisements peppering consumers during prime time TV and in glitzy magazines, substantial chunks of the software behemothÕs resources are being devoted to pushing the new platform online.

Subsequently, Microsoft XP is meeting and beating the volume average of the top online promoters.

Unprecedented campaign
Interrupted by the events surrounding 11 September, Microsoft accelerated their online campaign toward the end of the month and in the beginning of October. To date, Windows XP online advertising has seen a cumulative volume of more than half a billion impressions.

Put into perspective, this campaign dwarfs any Windows-related online campaign run by Microsoft in the last 18 months. Compared to the top 100 online advertisers, including mammoth in-house promoters like AOL Time Warner, Microsoft XPÕs weekly volume has kept pace.

Mammoth undertaking
Compared to all online advertisers each week, MicrosoftÕs campaign for Windows XP is roughly 30 times the average. Compared to only the software industry, Windows XP online advertising in the last five weeks has taken Microsoft from an 8% share of market to a 30% share, and put them second in the industry behind ads for Netscape.

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